AUVSI Membership

By joining AEAI as a member, you are eligible to receive an AUVSI membership without any additional charge (150$ benefit!)  

The AUVSI membership is available to all types of unmanned systems and robotics companies and professionals serving the industry.

Main benefits of AUVSI Membership:
• Access to events and webinars (XPONENTIAL, Unmanned Systems Defense, Business of Automated Mobility Forum etc.)
• Ongoing updates on current trends and exposure to the horizon of autonomous systems, access to AUVSI publications such as AUVSI Daily and Weekly e-Brief.
• The unmanned database of AUVSI and Robotics (USRD) – eligibility for a discounted subscription.

** In order to enjoy the benefit: You must be an active member of AEAI (join HERE), then, fill up your details in the following online form:

Auvsi membership
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