Training Center for Autonomous Systems Engineering

  • The autonomous robotic Systems Training Center allows you to take an active part in one of the most exciting and advanced processes that occur in a modern environment in which almost any action that arises will be done computerized and autonomous.
  • In the training center, experts with engineering and management industrial backgrounds include senior figures, system engineers, project managers, factory managers, leading companies in the past and present sectors as well as leaders in the area of the Ministry of Defense and the leaders in the field with occupational experience in Israel and abroad. Dealing with understanding, planning, and developing learning systems that will enable engineers in all areas of autonomous robotic systems to bridge knowledge gaps and get the necessary information for the advancement and development of the robotic and autonomous industry in Israel.
  • The Association and the Training Center aims to assist engineers with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • The course for the studies in the training Center is intended for two purposes:
    • To train and enrich engineers in the field of robotics and autonomous systems.
    • To draw the most advanced engineers in the field and other fields to the robotics and autonomous systems field.

Graduates of the training will be registered in the autonomous systems of the Chamber of Engineers and will receive a certificate of registration in the register as well as registration in AUVSI.

Admission requirements for the program

  • Holds a recognized academic degree in engineering, technology, or natural sciences or associate degree from a recognized facility
  • Basic knowledge required, including basics physics and mathematics
  • Meeting the conditions of the training track

The training track

  • Successful completion of the cluster courses that make up the training track (each cluster is 40 hours of study):
    • Compliance with attendance in each of the cluster courses to the extent of at least 80% (according to the criteria)
    • Passing a summative test (open-ended questions) in each of the courses with a minimum score of 70
  • Thesis:
    • Submission of a final thesis will be submitted at the latest in the last session of the third course – advanced topics and quantitative risk analysis
  • Passage of the recognition committee consisting of three representatives

Training aims

  • The program will allow the students (engineers) to display skills that the student acquired during his studies and work in the industry.
  • The key skills they will learn are:
  • Project management and decision making in the field of autonomous vehicles
  • presenting the ability to formulate a problem, presenting alternatives to solving, and choosing the recommended solution
  • to organize a collection of relevant information
  • Analyze the organized information, present logical conclusions, and explain compellingly.
  • Develop independent learning capability, detailed analysis, and independent, based discretion.
  • Characterize the required component (assembly)
  • Develop the required assembly
  • To build or buy the assemblies
  • Presenting the ability to solve problems and build systems and subsystems

List of courses

Management and system engineering of autonomous systems 9 days 72 Hr.

  1. Management of Autonomous Systems 2 days seminar
  2. System Engineering for Autonomous Systems including business process management 2 days seminar
  3. Autonomous systems from UGV to air taxi 2 days seminar
  4. The land robotic systems benefit and uses 2 days seminar
  5. Regulation of autonomous systems 1day seminar

Autonomous system structure and propulsion systems 6 days 64 Hr.

  1. Composite materials (how to build a system from composite materials)3 days seminar including a factory visit
  2. Autonomous Systems-propulsion systems 3 days seminar

Autonomous system IOT, communication, sensors, and payloads 9 days 72 Hr.

  1. Electro- optics including electro-optic sensors 2 day seminar Electro- Optic payloads 1 day seminar
  2. Aerial photography principles 3-day seminar
  3. IoT –connected vehicles including sensors and v2x 2 days’ seminar Communications systems and navigation for Autonomous Systems 1-day seminar

Autonomous system simulation 5 days 40 Hr.

  1. Principles of Drones Operations and missions on a simulator 3 days seminar
  2. Drones Operations in an Emergency Scenarios 2 days seminar

Autonomous system financial management 3 day24 hr.

  1. Construction of bills of materials and priced bills of a materials 1-day seminar
  2. Build a budget and P & L and cash Flow calculations 2-day seminar

Advanced aspects of marketing and sales of autonomous systems 40 hr.

Preparation for UAS regulatory licensing by CAAI 3 days seminar 24 hr.


Additional details:

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