Who we are

About Autonomous Systems Society:

The Israeli society for autonomous systems is home for tens of Thousands of engineers, managers, physicists, opticians and systems Engineers engaged in the various branches of unmanned systems.

The association covers many and varied content areas, such as:

Propulsion systems, fuel and electric propulsion systems, optical systems, day and night cameras, payloads, lasers, LIDARS, simulators for autonomous systems and field and city management, aerial, maritime and land autonomous systems, control and monitoring systems and communication systems.

The society, creates a space for training and professional upscaling.

The society conducts conferences, seminars, workshops and courses, as well as collaboration with universities around the world.

Participation in the society enables professional and continuous contact with experts, engineers and the world of academia and industry, including relations with leading international organizations such as the AUVSI*.

The society is a branch of AUVSI and conducts joint exhibitions and support for companies in the various frameworks.

The society established a holistic approach for UA regulation and is collaborating with the PM office to establish acceptable regulation for autonomous systems.

*By joining AEAI as a member, you eligible to become an AUVSI member without any additional charge.  

Vision of the Association of Autonomous Systems in the AEAI

The core of the association mission is to empower and support all parties in the unmanned and autonomous systems in Israel. The association will position itself as a professional authority on the following issues and will provide comprehensive support to industry and engineers.

Promotion and professional development of engineers and professionals in the field of autonomous systems

The association will promote knowledge sharing and insights between the communities of engineers in Israel and around the world in the field of autonomous systems.

Assistance to industries in Israel and around the world

The union will help advance the unmanned and autonomous systems industry through exposure to new technologies and insights into future technologies. The association initiates collaborations between industries, start-up companies, users, academic institutions, investors and government bodies in order to encourage the promotion of the field.

Assist in promoting regulation

The association will assist in promoting the regulation by examining the components of the system and guiding those involved in the field, and exposing them to international licensing processes.

Enriching the public

The association will provide insights to citizens, elected officials and the media on the benefits and safety of unmanned and autonomous systems.

Establishment and cultivation of a knowledge community

The association will promote a knowledge community in which all stakeholders in the field are partners.